Distance Learning Courses

Under Graduate Courses

A Bachelor is an undergraduate degree bestowed by universities all over the India and everywhere in world for undergraduate courses in all the disciplines. An undergraduate course in India takes around 3 to 5 years for the completion.

All the undergraduate Courses of Smile Distance Learning are designed to impart comprehensive theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the mainstream and maximize the student’s rational abilities. Our provided study material is formed under the guidance of our education experts. It is updated timely to establish the applicability of the program content throughout the session.

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Post Graduate Courses

Most of the professionals find it tough to get the time to upgrade their abilities and skills required for modern business setting and soon realize that some way or the other they are lacking behind. In terms of competing in this extremely competitive world, you are required to arm yourself with the more advance skills and qualifications.

Smile Distance Learning provides variety of Post Graduate Courses which is worth of your effort, time and money and it will power up your skills. Our Post Graduate Programs provides you all the relevant theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge needed to be successful. Our course’s main purpose is to prepare you towards a substantial and successful professional career.

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Post Graduate Diploma

Our Post Graduate Diploma helps students obtain the required expertise, skills and qualification to become capable for a well-paid job and start a productive career in their preferred fields. Our diploma program is conventional to the professional world. It serves as an entrance to the real professional world and teaches you all the aspects of your discipline.

Our wide-ranging program targets at preparing our students for the new up-market trends and making them future ready. Thus, after the completion of this course, candidates find their graduation learning & skills enhanced and realize more chances for further growth in their corporate life.

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Management Courses

Are you looking at a career in management? Smile Distance Learning offers you the ultimate Management courses. We make sure that our student’s career gets the right propulsion for better job opportunities.

We at Smile Distance Learning implement the best learning practices to help our students discover their full capability. The examinations and assignments of our management courses are designed to help the candidates understand a project way from its beginning to its execution. It gives our students a comprehensive view and understanding of the business & management while permitting them to apply their skills in practical world situations.

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Our Students Testimonials

It has allowed to me study from my own expense. Thank you smile distance learning for offering high quality distance learning programs.

Virappan Sahu


Wonderful teachers create the wonderful students! Teachers made us feel free to ask anything any number of times so that doubt shouldn’t remain.

Shilpa Anand


I’m grateful to the wonderful course and professional welcoming atmosphere in the classroom this institution has provided. Cheers!

Monika Sehgal


Trying something new is exciting! Thanks for the amazing MA English program and the great teacher who was able to make it interesting.

MP Siddle