Now a days in India the CBSE exams for 12th standard has been over, and every aspirant is looking forward to their career options that they have, as we all know that students of science stream who opted for PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology) has all the options in compare to any other student of remaining streams, they can go for medical or engineering or accounts or any other course, while on the other hand arts or humanities students has the least options left with them, some options like BA (Honors) in some subjects like political science, history and some others are only for the arts students, so there are several courses which can provide you great opportunities in future and any one of you can opt for those courses, it doesn’t matter that you belong to which stream either it’s science or commerce or arts or any vocational stream, you can take admission to these courses just after fulfilling the required criterion. There are many courses available for all students after passing 12th and some of them are mentioned below.

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration): BBA is a 3 year long undergraduate degree program, it is further divided in 6 semesters of 6 months each. This is a professional degree course. It is designed to teach the students about business and its aspects, it is better for those aspirants who want to settle their own businesses or want to be on higher posts in reputed companies and all those students who are planning to go for MBA (Master of Business Administration) has the best option with them because after completing BBA they will be more familiar with the aspects of business and that will help them for sure during their MBA. Most of the universities conduct entrance exam for the admission in BBA while some of them give admission on the basis of marks obtained in 12th.

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications): BCA is a 3 year long professional undergraduate degree course which is consists of 6 month long 6 semesters. It is designed to make the aspirants familiar with the aspects of computers and its associated things like internet and many more. Now a days the use of computers is increasing rapidly. So, the demand of computer professionals is also increasing day after day, that’s why BCA provides very healthy opportunities in professional world. After BCA you can also go for further studies like MCA (Master of Computer Applications) or MBA. MCA is the extension of BCA, you can be more familiar with computers after completing MCA. Just like BBA for BCA also you have to clear the entrance exams in some universities while in remaining you will get admission on the basis of your 12th marks.

BA LLB (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law): BA LLB is an integrated undergraduate course which is a blend of LLB and BA. This is a 5 year long course which makes you familiar with the aspects of law, after doing this course you will be able to start your practice as a lawyer and this is an indefinite truth that every independent and republic country has it’s own law and order and to maintain that law order they have their own judiciary system, so for that the need of judges and lawyers will always in demand, so this is the profession with great responsibilities and dignity. To take admission in this course you have to pass the entrance exam conducted by the universities all over India, but out of them 16 universities have opted to conduct a common entrance exam termed as CLAT (Common Law Admission Test), the eligibility for this test is to obtain at least 45% marks in 12th and need to be younger than 20 years of age.

BA (Bachelor of Arts): BA is a 3 year long traditional undergraduate program there are 2 types of traditional courses, honors which is also known as major and program which is also known as minor, here we are talking about BA (Program or Minor), this course is open for all the students of any stream. The only criteria to take admission in this course is your marks in 12th, after fulfilling that criteria you can take admission easily in this course. Those aspirants who are looking forward to civil services has the better opportunities with this course, as this is not that tough in comparison to other courses so you can focus a bit more on the exams of the civil services.

BJMMC (Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Media Communication): BJMMC is a 3 year long professional undergraduate degree course and it is in high demand because of expansion of media. There is a huge demand of media professionals in India and this course is fulfilling the demand of media industry. This is also one of the hot courses in current era. The eligibility criteria differs from university to university some give direct admission on the basis of 12th marks while the remaining conduct entrance test.

Diploma, Certificate and Vocational Courses: There are many diploma, certificate and vocational courses are available in India, which are approved by the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) and many institutions are providing them. There are many courses like diploma in engineering, fashion designing, hotel management and many more, you just have to be 12th passed and fulfill the criterion of your desired or available institution and get admission to that.

So, all you aspirants just keep yourself calm and composed and choose the best suited course for you and fly to the new heights of your career, Best of Luck!

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