Online distance learning has become a popular approach among students to get higher education across India and all over the world due to its benefits for the working students who can’t attend college full time. But despite this fact, there are students who keep some misconceptions about distance learning. You need to avoid those myths in order to give your 100% while learning online.

Here are top myths (with their actual truths) you need to know in order to be successful in online distance learning:

Myth #1 – Distance Learning Institutes are not as Good as Regular Ones

Truth: Students seeking for distance education will find that there are a number of schools have been around providing distance education for quite a long time. Also, a lot of well known colleges have already initiated online education system. Hence there are a good number of quality distance learning institutes having experienced staff giving good results for a long time. All you need to do is selecting the institute wisely.

Myth #2 – Degrees Earned by Online Distance Education are not Accredited

Truth: All schools or colleges, whether they are online or physical, can apply for all types of accreditation. Having a physical campus is not included in the accreditation requirements. All you need to do is to understand different types of accreditation required for different types of courses. Complete background research of school’s accreditation is also required by students before making the decision. And the degrees, not in any way, are less valuable than the regular degrees. 

Myth #3 – Online Degrees are More Expensive

Truth: Distance learning programs are, not at all, more costly than the regular ones. However, there are various factors like the type of degree, status of school, certificate desired and a lot of other aspects which decide cost of the complete program. Additionally, distance education reduces daily transportation costs or hostel & mess fee. Also, many online distance learning schools are slashing costs to lead in today’s competition. 

Myth #4 – Quality Suffers Due to Limited Interaction & Communication

Truth: Interaction & communication skills do not lack at all in the case of online distance learning. Students have enough access to classrooms, instructors & online discussions on their own time. Also, the extent of personal attention to the students is much more in online learning than in regular classes. And on the other hand, sometimes traditional schools or colleges fail to meet the communication requirements due to overcrowd classes. It leads to limited personal attention with the teacher. 

Myth #5 – Online Learners must be Tech Savvy

Truth: While taking online distance classes, whether through your laptop or through any smartphone or tablet, all you need to know is a bit of Microsoft Word, accessing the right website and some basic fundamentals of computers. Apart from this, there are a number of distance learning institutes providing good amount of resources to support the technical requirements in order to sharpen technical skill set which will help students in school as well as in the work place. As in today’s world technology has become a vital part to be successful, a student is required to gain some basic technical skills.

So its the time students need to avoid these myths in order to succeed through online distance learning. Take full benefits of distance learning and have a bright future ahead.

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